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Whitehaven’s winemaking philosophy centers on the pursuit of quality without compromise, a principle that is supported at every step from vineyard to glass. Whitehaven uses only Marlborough grapes in our wines, ensuring that only truly authentic Marlborough character is in every bottle. In the cellar, each lot is fermented and aged separately, allowing Chief Winemaker Peter Jackson to showcase the intense flavors and aromas that have put Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc on the world wine map.

whitehaven winemaking grapes

Authentically Marlborough

Whitehaven is fortunate to be able to work with dozens of vineyards throughout the Marlborough region, each contributing a different flavor profile, style and complexity to our Sauvignon Blanc. During harvest, Chief Winemaker Peter Jackson spends a significant amount of time visiting each vineyard site, ensuring that the grapes are picked at the optimum ripeness and flavor for the highest quality possible. In 2019, Whitehaven qualified for AMW (Appellation Marlborough Wine) Certification, signifying that we are dedicated to sourcing grapes, producing and bottling within Marlborough while also following strict sustainability guidelines. We're proud of this certification and carry the logo on our back label.

Iconic Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc is a variety that truly reflects the site and climate where it is grown. This is why it’s so difficult to emulate the New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc style anywhere else in the world. Vines here bask in the warm sunlight of one of New Zealand’s sunniest spots and are cooled at night by crisp breezes from the nearby coast, translating to Whitehaven Sauvignon Blanc’s uniquely vibrant acidity and distinctive flavor profile.

Whitehaven Iconic Sauv Blanc

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Just a few miles from the coast, Marlborough has long, sunny days and a relatively cool climate, translating to an extended growing season. The result is intense character and complex, diverse flavors. Whitehaven sources fruit from estate vineyards and a longstanding network of local growers in exceptional sites across Marlborough’s Wairau and Awatere Valleys. Growing wines throughout the region’s unique landscape, diverse soils and pristine environment allows Whitehaven to showcase the classic characteristics of Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc: vibrant tropical notes with a crisp and herbaceous edge

Wairau Valley

In the northern part of Marlborough are the river plains of the Wairau Valley. The Wairau Valley is known for its very free-draining soils, extended hang time and warm temperatures, allowing the grapes to develop big, complex tropical and citrus fruit flavors.

Awatere Valley

In the Southern part of Marlborough is the remote, rugged Awatere Valley. This windy and cool region in Marlborough allows grapes to ripen slowly, giving clusters more time to hang on the vine. The flavors develop gradually, giving layers of complexity in the finished wines. Awatere Valley is known for riper green notes, like gooseberries, black currant leaf and jalapeño.