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Our Team

Sue White

Sue White – Proprietor

Sue and her late husband Greg came to Marlborough more 20 years ago at a time when the earliest wineries were forging Marlborough's reputation. Living in a small cottage with a young daughter, Sue and Greg worked hard to get the brand established, an exercise in optimism, energy and resilience.

The company’s early successes enabled them to establish a new purpose-built winery and vineyard just outside Renwick, the company’s base today. After the death of her husband in 2007, Sue stepped up to lead the family business. Her determination to continue the Whitehaven brand meant taking on responsibility for the entire family business.

Sue’s zest for Whitehaven has carried the company to where it is today: a close-knit team that excels in producing exceptional wines and a proud heritage for the White family.

Sam Smail

Sam Smail - Winemaker

When it comes to crafting Whitehaven wines, Winemaker Sam Smail combines the precision of a scientist with the vision of an artist.

Sam’s early experience was on the scientific side, during which time he earned a Chemistry degree from the University of Canterbury and a post-graduate degree from the University of Adelaide. Following his formal education, Sam headed to the Napa Valley and Italy, where he achieved an understanding of the artistic side to winemaking. Since joining Whitehaven in 2000, and now as Senior Winemaker, Sam combines his diverse background to craft distinct wines that are expressive of the stunning Marlborough region year-after-year.